>> Opening for the 2024 season: Sunday March 24

Come and discover the Wax Museum of Lourdes.

A historic and tourist site in the heart of the city of Lourdes, close to the Sanctuaries.

The Wax Museum of Lourdes takes you back to the great period of Christianity by retracing the story of Jesus, the apparitions of the Virgin to Bernadette and many characters

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At the Lourdes Wax Museum, experience from close by the greatest and most significant moments of Christian history.  Discover previously unknown scenes of Christ with his apostles; the apparitions of the Virgin to Bernadette, as well as other figures of ancient times to whom the museum pays homage..  Whether for you Lourdes is a sacred pilgrimage, or an illuminating tourist visit, immerse yourself in this truly amazing period of human history.

And quite apart from the religious component, come and admire the remarkable work of the artistic team of the Musée Grévin in Paris, the true creators of the figures playing their parts in the Wax Museum.

For 50 years already, the Wax Museum has been helping visitors surmount the barriers of time,  and experience the most important events in the lives of Jésus and Bernadette. And come meet other great names that put their inimitable stamp on their period.

As if you were there in person, you will be an unseen visitor to the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci and  the welcome given to Mother Theresa by Pope Jean-Paul II.

Visit Lourdes and its Wax Museum with life size realistic figures modeled by the experts of the Musee Grevin in Paris.

The Lourdes Wax Museum presents living history, both for children and adults. Audioguide available in 8 languages.


Since its founding, the Lourdes Wax Museum has welcomed no less than 3 million visitors from every corner of the world. Like them you will meet some hundred wax personages of history, life size in their natural settings. They will recount to you in some twenty scenes the history of Jesus. Likewise Bernadette, the little shephardess of Bartrès, and Mother Teresa being received by his Holiness Jean-Paul II.

Bring the family to visit a Museum for both children and adults, with scenes conceived and created for both young and old. The Lourdes Wax Museum has been honoured :
 – one star in the Michelin Green Guide
– Standard of excellence 2015 on TripAdvisor
– Honoured recognition in the Guide Gaston Gallimard

For any further details or questions contact the tourist site of the Lourdes Wax Museum.